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Creating Referenced and NON Referenced RMA’s

To create an RMA order that references an existing order:


General Tips for importing Referenced RMAs:

  • A non Referenced RMA can be created using existing OE_ORDER_PUB.PROCESS_ORDER by changing the Order Type.
  • Set the value of order_source_id in all tables to another order_source_id if required.
  • Set the value of orig_sys_document_ref in all tables to a unique value for each order.

Sample Script below to insert the header and lines by populating the order import interface:

 Now run the Order Import Concurrent program:

– Navigate to Orders, Returns -> Import Orders -> Order Import Request
– Select your Order Source from the LOV in the parameters form.
– Submit the concurrent request.

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Split a Line to an Existing Sales Order

Split an Existing Line Using OE_ORDER_PUB

Tables Effected: OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL, (If Sales Order is Booked then MTL_DEMAND, MTL_RESERVATIONS)

Sample Code for splitting an existing line:


1 St Line Id: 388459
2 Nd Line Id: 388479
Process Order Success

Script to verify the Data:


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Unreserve a line from Sales Order

Unreserve a line from Sales Order using Oe_order_pub:

Tables Effected: MTL_DEMAND, MTL_RESERVATIONS (Data will be removed from this tables).

Sample Script to un-reserve the Sales Order line:


Line Id: 388459
Process Order Success

Script to verify the output:


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Reserve an Item in Sales Order

Reserve an Item in Sales Order from Back end(Soft reservation) :


Sample API to Reserve Sales Order Quantity from OE_ORDER_PUB:


Line Id: 388459
Process Order Success

Script to Check the result:


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Updating Existing Order Line

Update an Existing Sales Order line Using OE_ORDER_PUB API:

Tables Effected: OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL

Sample Script to update Sales Order Line using OE_ORDER_PUB.PROCESS_ORDER API:


Line Id: 388459
Line Quantity Update Sucessful

Script to Verify the API:


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