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Create Supplier Sites using AP_SUPPLIER_SITES_INT

Create Supplier Sites

Name of the Interface Tables used:

  • AP_SUPPLIER_SITES_INT: holds Supplier site information that is loaded by the user for import.

Mandatory Columns (AP_SUPPLIER_SITES_INT):






  • AP_SUPPLIER_INT_REJECTIONS: stores Suppliers, sites, contacts rejections information.

Base Tables Affected:


General Tips for Running the Create Supplier:

  • Save the script file and then run the script from the SQL Prompt (Example : RUN createsuppliersites.sql)
  • Enter the values for the Parameters from inside the script file itself unless it is required to Enter some value from the SQL Prompt.
  • This script will create the Supplier Sites.


After successfully Insertion into Interface table, we need to submit the standard Program:

Supplier Sites Open Interface Import

Script To Verify whether the Create Supplier is successful:


Navigation to find the above created Supplier in Application

(N) Payables >> Suppliers >> Entry

Query for Supplier XXAOA SUPPLIER – DEMO

Create Supplier using AP_SUPPLIERS_INT

Create Supplier

Name of the Interface Tables used:

  • AP_SUPPLIERS_INT: holds Supplier information that is loaded by the user for import.

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Create Items (SKU’s) and Revisions using MTL_SYSTEM_ITEMS_INTERFACE

Create Item and Item Revisions using MTL_SYSTEM_ITEMS_INTERFACE

Interface Tables used:

  • MTL_SYSTEM_ITEMS_INTERFACE: temporarily stores the definitions for inventory items, engineering items and purchasing items before loading this information into Oracle Inventory.

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Concurrent Program Scripts

Concurrent Program With Executable:

 Concurrent Request Details: