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Assign item to Price List

Assign item to and existing Price List

Before adding the Item to the price list make sure the following Profile Options are set as below:

Change the Responsibility to System Administrator and Navigate to Profile –> System Profile and Search for QP: Source System Code


The QP: Source System Code at user level should be set to Oracle Pricing as the Oracle Pricing Manager or Equivalent Responsibility can modify the existing Price List.

Navigate to Profile –> System Profile and Search for QP: Pricing Transaction Entity. We can very well use the Search criteria for Modifying from the Profile Options Form.


QP: Pricing Transaction Entity should be set to Order Fulfillment.

Navigate to Profile –> System Profile and Search for QP: Security Control


QP: Security Control at site level should be OFF so that user can change the Price list or add the item to the existing Price List.

1. Navigate to Oracle Pricing Manager, Vision Operations à Price Lists > Price List Setup. You could create a new price list, but in this testflow, we will assign your item to an existing price list ‘Corporate’.
Query the price list ‘Corporate’.

2. Move the cursor to the List Lines section, and add a new line using Ctrl + Down Arrow on your keyboard, or by going to File > New. Enter the following information :
Product Context : Item
Product Attribute : Item Number
Product Value : AOAOTC1
Value : 100
The rest of the required fields should default in.

Let us add our item AOAOTC1 to existing price list Corporate and add a valid Price to the item.


Let us enter the Price as 100.