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Issues releated to Back Order in Oracle OM

Any issue related to Back ordering will definitely fall 1 among these cases:

1. Check in Shipping Transaction Form, make sure the order still in “Ready to Release”.
2. There might be a lot of possibilities for this problem:

  • Order on hold
  • Do not have enough qty
  • Lot expired
  • Wrong reservation (even inventory have enough qty)
  • Inventory reserved for other orders.
  • Inventory picked up by other orders
  • Previously return to stock not done properly.

3. Case 1, check if the order is on hold. Check the order type in Shipping Transaction Form ® “Detail” ® “Source”.
4. There is another way to check the order type. That is go to WMS Control Board ® “Picking”.
5. Or go to OM Shipping View to see the order type.
6. Go to the correct “Sales Order View” instant accordingly by keying in the order# and order type.
7. Click on “Open Order” ® “Action” ® “Additional order info”.
8. Do the same for order level and line level.
9. Case 2 & 3, go to Material Workbench to check if the lot has expired or not having enough inventory for this order.
10. We can check if any lot is reserved for other order as well.
11. In Material Work Bench, go check for each lot in the physical locator by clicking on the “Attribute” button. (lot level reservation)
12. Alternatively, go to Shipping Transaction Form ® OM Shipping View, or go to “Lot Number” (Ctrl + L), click on Attribute column to check the SO reservation of the lot.
13. Compare the SO info with the order that are having problem.
14. Case 4, go “Reserve Supply” form (Ctrl + L) to check if the order is wrongly reserved.
15. Case 5, in the “Reserve Supply form, we can check if the qty is being picked up by other order as well. (order level reservation regardless of lot)
16. Also, can go to Material Workbench ® Availability, to check for the available to reserve.
17. Case 6, it might have high possibility the qty is taken up by order with different line, or other orders which have been auto launched.
18. If this is the case, must do backorder.
19. Go to Transact Move Order Form ® tab “Pick Wave” ® View/Update allocation ® Lot/Serial.
20. Click on the checkbox for order which need to be backordered, then go to Tool ® Back Order Line.
21. Case 7, ask the user if the order has done return to stock previously.
22. If yes, it might has high possibility that the return to stock not done properly.
23. Check the lot state, must be in “Resides in inventory”.
24. Check in Material Workbench to see if the lot is still packed with LPN or not.
25. Check also if the lot is in physical locator rather than logical locator.

Source for this post is from Oracle Forums.

Assemble To Order

Go to Routing:


Change the Status to Release:

Save the Job:


Once Released go to Move Transactions:


Create a Move Transaction as below:


Save the Record.

Go to Complete WIP Transactions form:


Search by Job Number:


Continue next:

Enter the Quantity and Done:


The ATO booking the Order is Done.


Assemble To Order

Once the Order is progressed make the item Create Configuration Eligible:



Once we Progress the Order for this line a new concurrent program is kicked off:


See the Output:


The AutoCreate Final Assembly Orders concurrent program has created a WIP job against the sales order. You can use the WIP Job Number to release the job and complete WIP related transactions.

Find the Discrete Job:


Find the Discrete Job which we got from the Standard Concurrent Request which is 256635.




Assemble To Order

Enter a Sales Order with ATO Items:

An ATO Item (model) is an item that for which you open a final assembly order to assemble items in response to customer’s orders. Assemble To Order (ATO) is also an item attribute that you can apply to standard, model, and option class items.

Add Order Management Super User, Vision Operations (USA) Responsibility for your User:


Go to Sales Orders Form:


Enter Customer Number as 1608, and all the other fields are defaulted from the defaulting rules:


In others tab Payment Terms, Warehouse, Sales Channel, etc. are defaulted.


Go to Line Items: Enter the Ordered Item as CN97444 which is an ATO (Assemble To Order) model in the Ordered Item field. You will need to select the option items and included items using the Configurator page.


When Configurator button is pressed and OAF page is opened which give the option to select the items:


Once Selection is done finish the configuration. Once Configuration is done the Sales Order is shown as below.  Once done Book the Order and make sure the Line Type is Standard (Line Invoicing).


Once the Order is Booked go to line items and right click on the PTO Item and Progress the Order. The same can be achieved from Actions: