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Concurrent Program Scripts

Concurrent Program With Executable:

 Concurrent Request Details:


Current Running SQL for a Concurrent Program

Current Running SQL for a Concurrent Program

SELECT C.sql_text
FROM APPS.fnd_concurrent_requests A
WHERE A.oracle_session_id = B.audsid
AND B.sql_hash_value = C.hash_value
AND A.request_id = <p_request_id>;

Pass the Request ID for the above Query.

SELECT SQLT.hash_value
FROM v$sqltext SQLT
,v$session VSES
,APPS.fnd_concurrent_requests FCONC
WHERE SQLT.hash_value = VSES.sql_hash_value
AND FCONC.oracle_session_id = VSES.audsid
AND FCONC.request_id = <p_request_id>

Trace File Location for Request ID

Below Query is used for fetching the Trace File location the server:

Thanks for Khadeer B for Providing the Query

Concurrent Program with Parameter Details

Below query is used to pull Concurrent Program, Parameters and from which Responsibility it can be Run.

Thanks Khadeer B for Providing the Query.

Query to Find Schema and its status

Query to list out the Schemas and the status of the products in Oracle Applications.