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Ship Confirm using WSH_DELIVERIES_PUB.Delivery_Action

Ship Confirm Delivery using WSH_DELIVERIES_PUB.Delivery_Action

Specific Parameters:

p_action_code(Required) => action to be performed on Delivery

p_delivery_id (Required)  => delivery id on which the action is performed

p_trip_name    =>  Trip identifier for assignment of trip to delivery

p_asg_pickup_loc_code => Stop location code for pickup assignment

p_asg_pickup_dep_date => Stop location departure date for pickup assignment

p_asg_dropoff_loc_code=> Stop location code for dropoff assignment

p_asg_dropoff_dep_date=> Stop location departure date for dropoff assignment

p_sc_action_flag             => Ship Confirm option – S, B, T, A, C. Used p_sc_intransit_flag         => Ship Confirm set in-transit flag.

p_sc_close_trip_flag      => Ship Confirm close trip flag.

p_sc_create_bol_flag     => Ship Confirm create Bill of Lading flag

p_sc_stage_del_flag       => Ship Confirm create delivery for stage quantity flag

p_sc_trip_ship_method  => Ship Confirm trip ship method.

p_wv_override_flag       => Override flag for weight volume calculations.

x_trip_name                   => Name of autocreated trip.

Sample Code to Ship Confirm the Delivery:


UPDATE Delivery details

Update delivery details using WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS_PUB.Update_Shipping_Attributes API

The “WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS_PUB.Update_Shipping_Attributes” API enables to modify data in wsh_delivery_details. In this specific example we have used this API to update the shipped_quantity field in the wsh_delivery_details table to ship all quantities.

 Specific Parameters:

  • p_changed_attributes=>Attributes of ChangedAttributesTabType that are to be updated.
  • p_source_code => Code for source system which updates wsh_delivery_details table(always set to OE)

In order to specify in your logic about backorder or staged quantities you can use the following logic

Ship all quantities

changed_attributes(1).delivery_detail_id := <<Enter the detail id>>;

changed_attributes(1).shipped_quantity := <<Enter the full quantity to be shipped>>;

Back order all quantities

changed_attributes(2).delivery_detail_id := <<Enter the detail id>>;

changed_attributes(2).shipped_quantity := 0;

changed_attributes(2).cycle_count_quantity := <<Enter the full quantity to be shipped>>;

Stage all the quantities

changed_attributes(3).delivery_detail_id := <<Enter the full quantity to be shipped>>;

changed_attributes(3).shipped_quantity := 0;

changed_attributes(3).cycle_count_quantity := 0;

Sample code to Update the Delivery Details:


Pick Release a Batch

Sample Script to Pick Release an Order using Batch Picking:


Auto Pack Master Delivery Details

Auto Pack Master for Delivery Lines:

The Auto-Pack Master behaves very much similar to Auto-Pack except that it goes one step further and packs the created “detail” containers into one or more “parent (master)” container(s).

The parameter “p_pack_cont_flag” set to ‘Y’ or ‘N’ will decide whether to autopack the detail containers that are created into parent containers.

For Autopack master option, set this parameter to ‘Y’

Specific Parameters:

  • P_entity_tab     => Table of ids of either lines or containers or deliveries that need to

be autopacked of type WSH_UTIL_CORE.ID_TAB_TYPE

which is a table of type Number indexed by binary integers.

  • P_entity_type    => Type of entity id contained in the entity_tab that needs to be

autopacked (‘L’ – lines, ‘C’ -containers or ‘D’ – deliveries).

  • P_group_id_tab => Table of ids (numbers that determine the grouping of lines for

packing into containers) of type

WSH_UTIL_CORE.ID_TAB_TYPE which is a table of type

Number indexed by binary integers.

  • P_pack_cont_flag=> A ‘Y’ or ‘N’ value to determine whether to autopack the detail

containers that are created into parent containers.

  • X_cont_inst_tab => Table of container IDs created during the autopacking process of


Sample Script to Auto Pack Deliveries or Details or Containers:

To Auto Pack the item and the Inventory Org should have Default Container Setup.

Unassign the unpacked LPN Line from Delivery

Unassign the unpacked LPN line from delivery

The delivery detail for the LPN line, which was unpacked, previously needs to be unassigned from the delivery.

Using “WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS_PUB.Detail_to_Delivery” shipping API, the delivery detail is unassigned from the delivery.

Sample Script to unassign the unpacked LPN Line from deliveries:

Once the API is run then the delivery is unassigned from Delivery Detail.