Auto Invoice Import

 Auto Invoice Import

Sample scripts to populate the table for various scenarios:

Details for each field are explained below:

INTERFACE_LINE_CONTEXT – identifies the Transaction Flexfield used by the interface data this helps AutoInvoice understand what data is being passed in the interface table fields. The value here ties in with the setup created in Descriptive Flexfields section, where we created the Line Transaction Flexfield ‘XAOA’.
Use the value = ‘XAOA’

INTERFACE_LINE_ATTRIBUTE1 and INTERFACE_LINE_ATTRIBUTE2 – the combination of values in these two fields uniquely identify the transactions which needs to be created.
Use the values = ‘All Oracle Apps’ and ‘ALLORACLEAPPS.COM’

AMOUNT – this field contains the values of the transaction. This value should be the product of the numbers passed in for QUANTITY * UNIT_SELLING_PRICE.
Use the value = 1000.00

BATCH_SOURCE_NAME – the value specifies here identifies the transaction batch source to be used by AutoInvoice when interfacing this transaction. In Creating the Batch Source, a Batch Source ‘AOA Transaction Source’ is created.
Use the value = ‘AOA Transaction Source’

CONVERSION_RATE – For non-functional currency transactions, this field would contain the exchange rate value.
Use the value = 1

CONVERSION_TYPE – Specify the conversion rate type.
Use the value = ‘User’

CURRENCY_CODE – Indicate the currency code of the transaction.
Use the value = ‘USD’

CUST_TRX_TYPE_ID – identifies the ID associated to the transaction type that is created in  Transaction Types where defined as
‘All Oracle Apps INV’.

DESCRIPTION – enter a line item description.

GL_DATE – the value specifies will be used by AutoInvoice as the GL_DATE of the transaction. Typically the period in which this GL_DATE value falls should be an open period.

LINE_TYPE – indicates the type of line this interface data defines.

ORIG_SYSTEM_BILL_ADDRESS_ID and ORIG_SYSTEM_BILL_CUSTOMER_ID – identifies the Address ID and Customer ID associated to the invoice.

QUANTITY – specify the number of items.

UNIT_SELLING_PRICE – specify the price of each item.

TERM_ID – identifies the term ID associated with the setup created in Payment Terms.

TAXABLE_FLAG – indicates whether or not the transaction is taxable.

AMOUNT_INCLUDES_TAX_FLAG – indicates whether or not the amount is inclusive of taxes.

SET_OF_BOOKS_ID – identifies the Set of Books ID associated to the Operating Unit.

ORG_ID – indicates the ID of the Operating Unit against which this transaction is created.

After the Interface table is inserted then Run the Auto Invoice Import Master Program:





Review Invoices:

Will be extending this section with Distributions and sales credits.

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