Create Receivable Invoice

Create Receivable Invoice

check the status of the order line.
Navigate to the sales order form, and query your sales order. Go to the Line Items tab and check that the status of the line is ‘Shipped’.
While still on the line, go to Tools > Workflow Status.



Verify that the order line workflow is now at the Fulfill – Deferred activity with a status of Deferred. This means that the next steps is to run the Workflow Background Process.

Navigate to Reports, Requests > Run Requests.
Run the Workflow Background Process with the following parameters.
Item Type : OM Order Line
Process Deferred : Yes
Process Timeout : Yes


Go to View > Requests, and verify that the Workflow Background Process (WFBP) has completed successfully. In addition, notice that the AR concurrent requests Autoinvoice and Autoinvoice Import Program get kicked off automatically to import the invoices into AR. OM inserts invoice data into the AR interface tables through ‘Invoice Interface’, which runs in the background (notice the workflow activity ‘Invoice Interface’ in the screenshot from Step 4 below). AR picks up the data from the interface tables through the ‘Autoinvoice’ concurrent program.


Once the data is interfaced to AR or AR Interface Tables the status of the order Lines will be changed to Closed.

Query the order in the sales order form, and go to the lines. Notice the status is now Closed. Note that the Closed status in the order lines signifies that OM has successfully passed the invoice data into the AR interface tables, and does not necessarily signify that the invoice has been successfully imported into AR (in case there was some error during that process).

The workflow status for the order line (go to Tools > Workflow Status) should now be Ended.


Once the Auto invoice program is Run you can see the AR Invoice Created. To check this┬áChange the Responsibility to Receivables, Vision Operations(USA), Transactions –> Transactions and query for Source as ORDER ENTRY and Reference as the Sales Order number 66429.


The data is inserted into RA_CUSTOMER_TRX_ALL with interface header attribute1 will store the Sales Order Number and RA_CUSTOMER_TRX_LINES_ALL with interface line attribute6 having the sales order line Id stored.


Some time the Auto invoice Import Program might not invoice the Lines and the instance might have issues like opening Periods. To Open the GL Periods Navigate to Control –> Accounting –> Open/Close Periods and Open the Period which the System Date falls in.


Run the Auto invoice Import Program Manually by navigating to Receivables > Interfaces > Autoinvoice, and selecting the Autoinvoice Master Program.

Enter the following parameters and submit the concurrent request :
Invoice Source : ORDER ENTRY
Default Date : SYSTEM DATE
(Low) Sales Order Number / (High) Sales Order Number : 66429

After submission of the concurrent request, go to View > Requests.
You should see the Autoinvoice Master Program followed by the Autoinvoice Import Program.
After completion, click on the View Output button for the Autoinvoice Import Program to check for the error messages. Autoinvoice needs to be resubmitted after the errors are fixed.

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