Remit-To Address

Remit-To Address:

Setting Up a Remit-To Address

Define remit-to addresses to let the customers know where to send payment for their invoices.  Receivables uses the addresses that is defined in the Remit To Addresses window to provide default remit-to information when transactions are entered.

Define System Options and Profile Options

a. Responsibility: Receivables Manager
Navigation: Setup > System > System Options
Select the Miscellaneous Tab and enter values for the following:

If you check the Print Remit-To Address box in the System Options window, Receivables prints the remit-to address that you define here on your dunning letters and statements.  The width and height (in characters) of your customer’s remit-to address in your printed dunning letters is 8 characters (height) by 30 characters (width)

Responsibility: System Administrator
Navigation: Profile > System
You can only enter information in the alternate name field when defining a Remit-to Address if the profile option AR: Customers – Enter Alternate Fields is Yes.

Receivables also uses the alternate name to sort customer names in certain
reports if the profile option AR: Sort Customer Reports by Alternate Fields is Yes.

b. Navigate to the Remit-To Address Form

Responsibility: Receivables Manager
Navigation: Setup > Print > Remit To Address > Create Remit-To Address

   Re-Query the Remit-To Address

After you apply and save you will be returned ot the Remit-To Address search window.  Enter the country name and select Go.

Now create the Receipts From Postal Codes:

Optionally Enter a State and/or range of Postal Codes for each country. You can
define multiple assignments for a remit-to address that has the same country or
state, but different postal code ranges.

Assigning a Default Remit-To Address

Define default remit-to addresses to ensure that:

  • Receivables is able to provide a default remit-to address when you enter transactions
  • AutoInvoice will not reject invoices because it is not able to determine a remit-to address

You can only have one default remit-to address for each country or Country + State combination.

Note:  It is a best practice to set up a default remit-to address even if you do not anticipate requiring this value.  If for example you have a default remit-to for the United States, you can also define alternate remit-to address to be used with different zip-code ranges which take priority over the default due to their more granular definitions.

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