Create Purchasable Item


Create a New Item used in Order to Cash Flow

Create an item that will be entered in the sales order.

Change the Responsibility to Inventory and Navigate to Items –> Master Items:

When Prompted select the Organization as V1 or M1 which is the Master Organization. Even when M1 is selected which is an inventory Org V1 would be displayed for creating the Item in the Master Org. We want to create the item in M1 and the ship the item from M1.

Enter a name for the Item and Description as shown below.


Go to Tools –> Copy From.
Select the Template ‘Purchased Item’.
Click on ‘Apply’ and then click on ‘Done’.



The seeded template ‘Purchased Item’ will assign the necessary item attributes to go through this basic OM testflow. For example, check some of the following item attributes that you did not need to set manually because they were assigned from the template.

Got to Inventory tab and we can see Inventory Item, Stockable, Transactable, Reservable flags are checked.
Go to Order Management tabĀ  (click on the arrow to the right of all the tabs) and can see
Customer Ordered, Customer Orders Enabled, Shippable, OE Transactable flags are enabled Automatically by selecting the Template.

So far defined the item in the Item Master Organization, V1. Next, go to Tools > Organization Assignment. Alternatively, click on the 3rd tab on the left side of the screen as circled in red in the below screenshot.

This is where you will find a list of organizations (child organizations) that have V1 as their master organization. M1 shows at the top if we have selected M1 while changing the Organization while creating the Master Item. The item attributes defined in V1 can be assigned to the child organizations by checking the Assigned box.


We can use the Assign All button to Assign the Items to all the Inventory Organizations. Check the Assigned box as shown above for the organization M1. Items needs to be enabled in the organizations in which they will be transacted.

Use the below SQL to Check the Details:

Finding the organization code of the organization_id’s from Inventory parameters using below SQL:

The item attributes can be changed at each individual child organization level by clicking on the Org Attributes button in the screenshot above, or by going to Inventory > Items > Organization Items. Note, however, that this depends on whether the item attribute is controlled at the master org level or the child org level, which is defined in Inventory > Setup > Items > Attribute Controls.



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