Create Customer

Create a New Customer

Navigate to Order Management Super User Vision Operations responsibility and Customers –> Standard.


Enter a new customer name in the Name field, and press Find.
If the customer name already exists, go back and enter a name that does not already exist.  Press the ‘Create’ button.


Enter the Customer Information as shown:


Enter the Account Information as shown:


Enter Account Site Address:


Enter Account Site Details:


Save and Add details:


Create a New Organization:


Note: If we have any issue while create a New customer regarding the Amounts then we need to setup the Profile Amounts from Receivables Vision Operations Responsibility and navigate to Customers –> Profile Classes and Modify the Amounts for the Profile class given at Customer Creation. As we took it as DEFAULT we intent to modify the Amounts as shown below:


Save the Profile class.

Once added we can Modify the Customer to add Ship to Site:


Goto Site details:


and Navigate to Business Purpose and Add a New Row as Ship To so the same address is used for both Shipping and Billing.


Notice the ‘Open’ button in the above screenshot. This is where you can enter additional details specific to the business purpose. So, if the cursor is on the ‘Ship To’ row as seen here, clicking on Open will allow to enter information specific to the Ship To Location. This can be examined further in the Defaulting Rules section.

Make Both Purposes or Site Uses as Primary by Checking the Primary Flag and click on Apply:


After this we can see the Site has both Ship To and Bill To as its Sites Uses and New record is inserted in HZ_CUST_SITE_USES_ALL.


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