Order to Cash Cycle

Create Generic Sales Order

Navigate to Orders, Returns > Sales Orders and make sure the following information is entered. Now we can Notice that some of these fields (in addition to others), get defaulted based on  the Defaulting Rules setup.


Make sure the Ship To/Bill To Locations are defaulted in.
Order Type : Mixed
Price List : Corporate
Salesperson : No Sales Credit
and in Others tab
Payment Terms : N30
Warehouse : M1.

Go to the Line Items tab, and enter the following information as shown in the screen shot:

In the Pricing tab, notice that the Price List Corporate has defaulted from the Header, and that the List Price 100 is the price you set up in the price list. The Unit Selling Price is the same as the List Price in this example, but it will show a different value if there is a discount or surcharge applied to the list price. For example, if you apply a 10% discount modifier, the List Price will be 100 and the Selling Price will be 90. We can apply line price adjustments through the Actions Button which shows as an LOV. The modifier details like rate of adjustment,  adjusted amount and extended price will appear.


In the Shipping tab, notice that the Warehouse is M1. This is the warehouse from which the item will be shipped out to the customer.


Save the Order.
Now increase the on hand Quantity of the Item in M1 inventory Org by doing a Miscellaneous Transaction of Receipt type.

Change the Organization to M1 and Navigate to Transactions –> Miscellaneous Transaction



Once the Record is saved we can find a Material Transaction Entry is created as well and can be seen from Transactions –> Material Transaction. Pass the Item Number as the Parameter and Click on Find to view the transaction.


A transaction Entry would be found for the Miscellaneous Transaction Created.


Now navigate to the Sales Order and Query for the Order we have Created which is 66429.


Now Click on the button ‘Book Order’ in the header or lines.

Once the Order is Booked we should see a note saying Order has been booked. Notice the status of the order header has changed from Entered to ‘Booked’, and the status of the line (check the Status field in the Main tab of the lines) has changed from Entered to ‘Awaiting Shipping’.

Once the Order is Booked a soft reservation is created and records are inserted into MTL_DEMAND, MTL_RESERVATIONS, OE_ORDER_LINES_ALL, OE_ORDER_HEADERS_ALL.

Once the Order is Booked we can see the Order Status Changed to Booked and Line Status Changed to Awaiting Shipping.



At this is the point that a ‘delivery detail’ will be created in Shipping that is associated with this order line. As an optional step, you can check the following.
Navigate to Shipping > Transactions
Enter your order number and click on Find
In the Lines/LPNs tab, you should find the delivery detail with
Line Status = Ready to Release and Next Step = Pick Release, which we will do next.

You can get more information on the table/API details in the Scripts API/Interfaces Section.






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