Creating workflow from scratch 2

Creating workflow from scratch Part 2

Once the Process is created then we need to design the Process:


To Design any Process in Workflow it should start with One start Function and we get it from WFSTD. Just we need to drag and drop the start and end functions from the Standard Functions:


Even when we import the Start function go to its properties and we need to mention it should be a start:


Note: Any Process can have only one Start but can have any number of ends depending upon the Business logic’s complexity.

Similarly change the properties of the end function:


Click on OK button.

Now we need to create a Custom Function that has the business logic. You can have the Function call your plsql function or Java Class or any external application. We can mention the PLSQL Function Name in the Function Name field in the properties of the Function.


We can mention the result type if any Result is returned from the plsql Function:


Click OK.


Once the function is created just drag and drop the function between START and END Functions. Once the Function is placed just by using right click of the mouse draw the Flow how the process to be. Always The Process would be starting from Start and No Functions can be in the Process without coupling to another in the flow. Always the flow should end using and END function.


Now Verify the workflow and save in the data base or the (desktop and upload using wfload).



Once the workflow is saved in the data base which usually takes time we can test it using below queries:

The data in WF_PROCESS_ACTIVITIES table explains the complete details of the workflow item type. Like how many Process, Functions, etc. with its versions.

PLSQL Code of the package and Trigger the workflow:

5 thoughts on “Creating workflow from scratch 2

  1. Trups

    I am newbie for Oracle Workflow. I have successfully uploaded above Workflow Example to database. when I kickoff Workflow it calls to xxaoa_test_wf_pkg.launch_workflow procedure. But not a single record hit to xxaoa_test_wf table. My understanding is Insert_proc procedure should hit with itemtype,itemkey,actid,funcmode,resultout in the xxaoa_test_wf. I have also submitted workflow Background process for Item type. Please correct If I am going wrong or where I am going Wrong.

    Thanks in Advance

  2. Trups

    Sorry for late reply.
    First of all, Thank you for replying.

    WF_ITEMS has one row for unique item key
    Also I went from Administrator Workflow -> Status Monitor – Query for Item Key e.g. XAOA-14
    No record or Error found in the Result: Workflow Status Monitor

    1. All Oracle Apps Post author

      Can you check in WF_ITEM_ACTIVITY_STATUSES for your item type and item key? And also try to run the workflow background process as well. Please let us know if you still see any issue.

      AOA Admin

  3. Trups

    It works. I have successfully run this example. I have started Workflow background process and schedule it everyday.
    Thank you very much.


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