Workflow with Approval Notification

Sample workflow with Approval Notification:

Create a new notification by using right click on the notifications menu in Custom workflow:


Set the Notification properties:


Select the Message which we have created.

Drag the item attribute to the message as we are using the item attribute in the message:


Now edit the Main Process so to add the new Notification:


Delete the link between existing Function and End to add the Notification in between:



Form a link between Function and notification:


Now when creating the link between Notification and end, The workflow asks for the result type based upon the Result selected in the workflow notification. If the result of the notification is custom lookup it prompts for the custom lookup values in the lookup:


Edit the properties of the Notification to add the performer:



2 thoughts on “Workflow with Approval Notification

    1. All Oracle Apps Post author

      Hi Gaurang,

      There are two ways to achieve this.
      1. You can create a Wf Role and add all the emails in that role.
      2. You can append multiple Email addresses(using a comma or a semicolon) to an Item attribute and give the item attribute in the Performer of the Notification.

      Let us know if there are any questions.

      All Oracle Apps

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