XAOATEST Code and Details

PLSQL Package used in XAOATEST Workflow:

Sample Script to Kickoff or Trigger the workflow:

Script to test the Workflow statuses:

If you are running this Script outside of Oracle Applications like Running from any Oracle IDE then run the Workflow Background Process for your Item type to save time 🙂 to Kickoff the workflow.

2 thoughts on “XAOATEST Code and Details

  1. deepti.allamsetty


    I am new to Oracle Apps and have followed your article to create a new workflow. Thank you very much for the details.

    However, when I run the workflow, it enters Deferred state. I setup and started a background process with to pick up deferred processes but that does not help.

    Can you advise on how I can get the workflow to be completed.

    Thank you,

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