XML Bursting from RDF

XML Bursting from RDF

Log on to Oracle EBS using user having System Administrator responsibility to register the Oracle Report.

Creating Executable:


Create concurrent program for the executable:


Add the parameters for the Program:


Add the Concurrent Program to OM Concurrent Programs Request Set:


Go to Order Management Responsibility and run the request:


Change the output of the concurrent program to create the xml template file .rtf layout in ms word. Create data definition with Code same as the Concurrent Program Short Name:


Create Template for the Data definition and attached Template:


Run the Concurrent Program and Go to report builder open your existing report, go to report triggers open after report add the below code for bursting code:

Compile the code the save the report.

Design XML Bursting control file, Below are the format of bursting control file:

Goto XML Publisher Responsibility —> data definition —>  Search for the data definition with data definition code or data definition and Attach your bursting control file at Bursting Control File Option.




Once done Run the program to get email with an attachment of the XML Template with splitting based on the Sales Order.


Thanks to Madhav Kumar for Providing the Files on XML Bursting.

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