FNDLOAD Commands

FNDLOAD Examples:

Printer Styles:


 Descriptive Flexfield with all of specific Contexts:

 Multiple Flexfields:

Use a combination of APPLICATION_SHORT_NAME and DESCRIPTIVE_FLEXFIELD_NAME names ie. APPLICATION_SHORT_NAME=PER >> will download all PER flexfields DESCRIPTIVE_FLEXFIELD_NAME=PER_% >> will download all flexfields that start with ‘PER_’.

 Key Flexfield Structures:

 Concurrent Programs:

 Value Sets:

 Value Sets with values:

 Profile Options:

 Request Group:

 Request Sets:


Responsibilities with all Security Groups:

Notes for using FNDLOAD against FND_USER:-
1. After uploading using FNDLOAD, user will be promoted to change their password again during their next signon attempt.
2. All the responsibilities will be extracted by FNDLOAD alongwith User Definition in FND_USER
3. In the Target Environment , make sure that you have done FNDLOAD for new responsibilities prior to running FNDLOAD on users.






With Release 12.1.1, FNDLOAD supports BLOB data (upload / download ) to better serve content-rich applications.

 Overwrite custom definitions:

 Load an NLS Language:

 Migrate the role registration process from one instance to another:

 Transfer Custom Messages to another Instance:

 Download UMX Roles and Role Assignment data from one instance and upload to another:


  1. Give special attention when downloading Menus or Responsibilities.  In the case for several developers modifying Responsibilities and Menus, then be very careful.  Not being careful will mean that untested Forms, Functions, and Menus will become available in the clients Production environment besides the tested Forms, Functions, and Menus.
  2. Be very careful when downloading flexfields that reference value sets with independent values for GL Segment Codes.  By doing so, downloading and extracting all the test data in GL Codes that might not be applicable for production.
  3. There are several variations possible for FNDLOAD.  For example, restricting the download and upload to specific segments within Descriptive Flexfields.
  4. FNDLOAD is very reliable and stable, if used properly.
  5. Please test the FNDLOAD properly, so as to ensure that no unexpected data occurs.
  6. As the name suggests, FNDLOAD is usedful for FND related objects.  However, in any implementation, its required to migrate the Setups in Financials and Oracle HRMS from one environment to another.  Oracle iSetup can be used for this.  Some of the things that can be migrated using Oracle iSetup are GL Set of Books, HR Organization Structures, HRMS Employees, Profile Options Setup, Suppliers, Customers, Tax Codes & Tax Rates, Financials Setup, Accounting Calendars, Chart of Accounts, GL Currencies.





The script that downloads AME conditions allows you to download all conditions for a given transaction type or only those associated with a particular attribute or group of attributes.

 Dynamic Approval group /Approver Groups:

An approver group can either be an ordered set of one or more approvers (persons and/or user accounts) or it can be a list, which is dynamically generated at rule evaluation time.

 Dynamic Approval group config:

 AME Rule:

An approval rule is a business rule that helps determine a transactional approval process. Rules are constructed from conditions and actions.
The AME rules can be downloaded for information about the rule (e.g. name, description, etc) along with associated conditions and rule type.

 AME Rule Action Type Usage:

Transaction Types:

An application that uses AME to govern its transactions approval processes is termed an integrating application. An integrating application may divide its transactions into several categories where each category requires a distinct set of approval rules. Each set of rules is called a transaction type. Different transaction types can use the same attribute name to represent values that are calculated in different ways or fetched from different places.


 Attribute Usage:

 WEB ADI integrator:

Web ADI contents:

 Web ADI mappings:

Web ADI layout:

Web ADI parameter list:

WEB ADI component:

Post-Accounting Programs  SLA:

Downloading Post-Accounting Programs using the following syntax:

Uploading Post-Accounting Programs using the following syntax:


Work Flows:







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    I wanted to download a specific structure under Personal Analysis Flexfield KFF. When I used the fndload command below, I got more data than I needed. How do I restrict the command to specific structure? Could you explain the P_LEVEL? Could you modify the value for P_LEVEL?

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