Create Item Catalogs using MTL_DESC_ELEM_VAL_INTERFACE

Create Item Catalogs

Interface Tables used:


Base Tables Affected:




  • Items need to be created.

For demo purpose we have created 2 Items

  1. Iphone 6
  2. Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime
  • Catalog and its Elements need to define
    1. How to Create catalog and assign elements to it

Creating Catalog

(N) Inventory >> Setup >> items >> Catalog Groups

Click on Details button and we need to add the values for the descriptive elements

  • Catalog and its Elements should be attached to the Item


(N) inventory >> Items >> Master Items

Query for Iphone 6

Then click on Tools >> Catalog

Search for Phone Specifications catalog in the field Catalog Group

It will automatically Populates the Element Names


Similarly Query for 2nd Item  “Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime”

And follow the above steps

General Tips for Running the script which will assign values to Catalogs against the Item:

  • Save the script file and then run the script from the SQL Prompt (Example : RUN insertvaluestosatge.sql)
    1. This script will insert below Values which we need to convert , we need to Insert this into Staging table along with the Item details.

Above script will Insert the data into staging table xxaoa_item_catalog_stg

  • Save the below script file and then run the script from the SQL Prompt (Example : processstagerecords.sql).It will load the records from staging table (xxaoa_item_catalog_stg ) to Interface table (mtl_desc_elem_val_interface)


After successfully run, we need to submit the standard Program

Item Catalog Group Element Open Interface (INV_ITEM_CAT_GRP_ELE_OI)


When you run the Item Catalog Group Element Open Interface, you are prompted for report parameters. These are runtime options for the Item Interface:


Record set Id:

Used to group the rows, should be set to value of “set_process_id” in mtl_desc_elem_val_interface


Upload Processed Records:

Whether the rows in interface table are to be uploaded to database


Delete Processed Rows:

Yes: Delete successfully processed items from the interface table.

No: Leave all rows in the interface tables.


Note :

Set_process_id column is required in this table it will be any numeric value, used to group records to be imported

Log File:

Script to verify whether the Assign Catalog to Items is successful:


Navigation to find the above created in Application

(N) Inventory >> Items >> Master Items


Query for Iphone 6

Then click on Tools >> Catalog

Query for another Item Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime


Thanks Khadeer Tadipatri for sharing.


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