Applying Holds Using OE_ORDER_PUB

Applying Holds on Sales Order Using Oe_order_pub.process_order

Find the existing Hold in oe_hold_definitions.

Tables Effected: oe_order_holds_all, oe_hold_sources_all

 Basic Information:

Following are the details of the requests used to apply hold to the sales Order Header or Line depending on the parameters passed to the Process_Order .
request_type –> OE_GLOBALS.G_APPLY_HOLD
Entity_code –> OE_GLOBALS.G_ENTITY_ORDER for order or OE_GLOBALS.G_ENTITY_LINE for line.
Entity_id –> ID of the order or line to be held
Param1 –> Hold ID to identify the type of hold that should be applied. (HOLD_ID from OE_HOLD_DEFINITIONS)
Param2 –> Hold entity code for the hold source to be created.

Hold Entity Code with Description:
C: Customer hold source
S: Bill To or Ship To hold source
I: Item hold source
O: Order hold source
W: Warehouse Hold Source
Param3 –> Hold entity ID
C, B, or S: for Org ID
O: Header ID
I: Inventory Item ID
param4 –> Hold comment
date_param1 –> Hold Until Date
parm6-param20 –> Attribute1-15 of the descriptive flex field associated with the hold source record.

–This is to create a hold on an order header
l_request_rec.entity_id := &Order Header ID;
l_request_rec.entity_code := OE_GLOBALS.G_ENTITY_HEADER;
l_request_rec.request_type := OE_GLOBALS.G_APPLY_HOLD;
— hold_id must be passed
l_request_rec.param1 := &Hold ID;
— indicator that it is an order hold
l_request_rec.param2 := ‘O’ ;
— Header ID of the order
l_request_rec.param3 := &Order Header ID;
l_action_request_tbl(l_line_tbl_index) := l_request_rec;

Sample API to Create Holds:


entity_id: 190411
param3: 190411
message is:
message index is:
l_return_status is: S
Process Order Success

Sample Script to test the API:


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