Manual Pack operation using WSH_CONTAINER_PUB.Container_Actions

Perform Manual Pack operation using the LPN created previously

In order to pack the delivery detail line item using the LPN created previously, we can use the public API “WSH_CONTAINER_PUB.Container_Actions”. We need to check the Maximum Weight and Volume of Previously Created LPN and might need to update if required. The Previously Created LPN can be found in Shipping Transactions form.

Once the LPN is created the LPN can be found in Delivery Details.

 Sample code to which will enable the packing action on the created LPN’s:

Once the script executes we can see the Item on the LPN in Shipping Transactions form at Detail Level.

Packing completed. LPN (AOAApiCT) is displayed in the Parent LPN field of the delivery detail of the Delivery Details which are assigned to this LPN.

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