UPDATE Delivery details

Update delivery details using WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS_PUB.Update_Shipping_Attributes API

The “WSH_DELIVERY_DETAILS_PUB.Update_Shipping_Attributes” API enables to modify data in wsh_delivery_details. In this specific example we have used this API to update the shipped_quantity field in the wsh_delivery_details table to ship all quantities.

 Specific Parameters:

  • p_changed_attributes=>Attributes of ChangedAttributesTabType that are to be updated.
  • p_source_code => Code for source system which updates wsh_delivery_details table(always set to OE)

In order to specify in your logic about backorder or staged quantities you can use the following logic

Ship all quantities

changed_attributes(1).delivery_detail_id := <<Enter the detail id>>;

changed_attributes(1).shipped_quantity := <<Enter the full quantity to be shipped>>;

Back order all quantities

changed_attributes(2).delivery_detail_id := <<Enter the detail id>>;

changed_attributes(2).shipped_quantity := 0;

changed_attributes(2).cycle_count_quantity := <<Enter the full quantity to be shipped>>;

Stage all the quantities

changed_attributes(3).delivery_detail_id := <<Enter the full quantity to be shipped>>;

changed_attributes(3).shipped_quantity := 0;

changed_attributes(3).cycle_count_quantity := 0;

Sample code to Update the Delivery Details:


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